There is no way I could trust you with anything or maybe everything no way that you can be here forever that's a lie and a more than that that's the truth that you are here till you can the moment you will fade away I'll know what actually nicked and we got separated from… Continue reading Delusion


It’s gonna take some time

It's gonna take some time before I heal myself before I breathe again before I let you in before I meet heaven it's gonna take some time so don't leave hope so don't walk away from so don't like someone else so don't fall for me as well it's gonna take some time for I… Continue reading It’s gonna take some time

शाम को मैं जब

शाम को मैं जब, आंगन मैं बैठती हूँ तो वो आसमान, नजर नही आता। वो बदल नहीं दिखते वो ढलता सूरज नज़र नहीं आता। न चिड़ियों का वो वापस घरों को जान दिखता है न हल्के हल्के तारो का अम्बर मैं आना दिखता है। सब ढक गया इन पत्थरो की इमारतों के पीछे लाख नज़र… Continue reading शाम को मैं जब