I am cold

I am cold but have you given it a thought that here's not too much warmth in your arms may be that's the reason of keeping my heart on hold. I am cold.


Being a human

My friend and I were fighting over a name name for her soon to be pet this is so tiresome we searched for hundreds of them getting picky about the best i was thinking why can't we keep it simple as we can call him doggo instead.. i would like if someone called me human..… Continue reading Being a human

वक़्त को मेरी क़दर नहीं

वक़्त बहुत अजीब है ऐसे भागता है जैसे इसका कुछ छूठ रहा हो शिकायत है इसे मुझसे की मै साथ नहीं चलती अकसर देर कर देती हूँ शिकायतें तो मुझे भी है  लगता है किसी से मिलने की जल्दी मै है इन्तज़ाए मै बेसबर तो मै भी हूँ पर मै इसकी तरह नहीं मै इसपे… Continue reading वक़्त को मेरी क़दर नहीं