Dream tonight

Hey there! how have you been? I hope  you are doing fine I don't know if you were or if you were not waiting for my new poem well to be honest I hoped that you did coz like every day have got plenty to say who cares if some of them rhyme and some… Continue reading Dream tonight



She said “Sun is too much to bear Darkness is what I fear Is there any in between.” I pointed to sky And there was a beautiful sunset in front of our eyes. She said, Why do you love Sunsets this much? I said, Cause when I was standing alone On the seashore Looking at… Continue reading Sunsets

Soldier and his girl

He left saying goodbye. he will always leave, I would never understand why. She will wait and wait, till clocks ticks and moon shines. Till she hears his voice, sometimes only a text then she will have her sigh of relief, that'll be her shrine. She is my best friend, he is my best man… Continue reading Soldier and his girl