Dream tonight

Hey there! how have you been? I hope  you are doing fine I don't know if you were or if you were not waiting for my new poem well to be honest I hoped that you did coz like every day have got plenty to say who cares if some of them rhyme and some… Continue reading Dream tonight


Speak up

Somethings that we always want to say but never could gather up the courage to utter the words words that can change a lot of perspective visions So I cannot tell you to either scream out loud or just whisper But I know I want to do what you also desire deep inside.

वक़्त को मेरी क़दर नहीं

वक़्त बहुत अजीब है ऐसे भागता है जैसे इसका कुछ छूठ रहा हो शिकायत है इसे मुझसे की मै साथ नहीं चलती अकसर देर कर देती हूँ शिकायतें तो मुझे भी है  लगता है किसी से मिलने की जल्दी मै है इन्तज़ाए मै बेसबर तो मै भी हूँ पर मै इसकी तरह नहीं मै इसपे… Continue reading वक़्त को मेरी क़दर नहीं